International Workshop

Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, Germany, 11.09. -14.09.2017

The workshop will bring together researchers from around the world using early emerging metazoans to gain insight into cellular and genomic events underpinning the origin and evolution of animal diversity and complexity. The goal of the workshop is to learn about cutting-edge research from international experts in the field and to provide a forum for future networks and collaborations. The workshop will be quite intimate – with a maximum number of 120 participants. Contributions to the meeting may be in the form of talks or posters, mainly on new or unpublished findings. The emphasis is very much upon discussion and there is plenty of time within the programme to make this possible. Workshop topics include:

• phylogenomics

• gene regulatory mechanisms

• development, tissue formation and regeneration

• stem cell biology

• nervous system evolution, development and function

• symbiosis

• environmental influences in development

registration will start in spring 2017!


Pictures from 2015 meeting




Meeting Organizers:

T. Bosch (University of Kiel), T. Holstein (University of Heidelberg) and U. Technau (University of Vienna)